Yves Saint Laurent once said:

“Fashion fades, style is eternal.”

Seasons come and seasons go, with them various desirable things, but certain accessories for men aren’t subject to change of trends. Accessories are what separates you and your style apart from other men.

Agreed, as when it comes to accessories for men, they don’t have as much choice as women. Men have a limited amount of options and styles to choose from.  However, the good news is that even if there are just a few options available, you should make the best out of it.

We’ve listed down 5 accessories for men that we feel every man should own. From wallets to watches, we’ve got you covered at SavYour.

1. Men’s Wallets

You should definitely invest in a good quality wallet. Majority of the men use their wallets for several years without replacing it. Replace it when it’s getting old or wearing off.

2. Men’s Bags

A bag can be a perfect accessory to store all the important things. If you prefer carrying a backpack, you’ll never find yourself without your important things such as a mobile or a laptop charger etc. A good looking bag will also compliment your attire.

3. Men’s Watches

A quality watch will instantly make you more attractive. Why would you want a watch to check the time when you always have a smartphone with you? The answer to that, as the famous saying goes – Boys look at their smartphones to check time – Men look at their watch.

4. Men’s Bracelets

If clothing happens to be a cake, jewelry happens to be the icing. Wearing bracelets is something that not every man will do – but everybody who follows the latest trends will do. Today’s trend is to wear one or two bracelets on one wrist alongside combining various styles and materials to flaunt your style.

5. Hats

Accessory number five is a cool hat. A hat or a cap is a great way to add a bit of texture and color to your style. Not a lot of people have the confidence to wear a hat. But if you pull it off, which you can, you’re definitely going to rock. Wear it to add a whole doze of personality to your outfit.