Ah, the mighty, blessed month of the year, Ramadan. It brings blessings and a resolve to improve ourselves, but a huge majority would agree that the month comes with a boatload of eating options too. I mean, from the staple fried pakoras and samosas to the sweet delicacies aka jellies, puddings, and whatnot, the options for iftar are endless. But, hold up, how do those of you survive who have a plan to go healthy this blessed month? Do you drool and stare as your kids munch down on one crispy pakora after another?

What if I tell you there’s a healthy way of going about it? And I am not talking about those pan-fried or baked soggy pakoras! More on that later. While you drool at the idea of low-carb, low-fat, super crispy pakoras, let me tell you something.

Healthy eating and Ramadan can surely go hand in hand now, since the month offers a fasting period that you can easily align with your intermittent fasting schedule as well. For a lot of us, intermittent fasting becomes a struggle when we see people around us feasting on high-carb and deep-fried goods while we stick to the basic greens. But, with Savyour, you can now make your Ramadan more delicious and healthier than ever.

If you crave samosas but are scared of the calories, I say, indulge in your cravings without worrying about the scarily hefty calorie count. How? Bring in an air-fryer. I mean, with air-fryers, you get to have the best version of deep-fried food without all the extra oil and guilt. Sounds like a win to us.

Air-fryers can be your new best friend this Ramadan from sehri to iftar. The perfect tool for French fries, some sehri time nuggets, or spring rolls, or samosas, and pakoras for iftar, this wonderfully utilitarian tool will be there for you all day long. If you haven’t yet jumped on the air-fryer bandwagon, now is the time for you to hop in. Naysayers say air-fryers are limited to fries and nuggets, but there is so much more that you can do with this compact piece of equipment, like bake some goodies, roast veggies, or even make that delicious fried rice!

Also, the best part hasn’t even been discussed yet!

Do you feel like the men in the house could pitch in sometimes but don’t because they aren’t familiar with the secret arts and intricacies of stove settings and overall kitchen help? After all, cooking is the bane of Pakistani men, the kryptonite to their Superman, the one activity most will not even volunteer to partake in. But sure they will lend their advice and Michelin star level criticism, of course from a safe distance.

With a simple air-fryer, you can get the men in your house to finally manifest their inner Jamie Oliver and take over the pakora duty! Surely, pressing a few buttons is no big deal for them. And they generally are great with gadgets and reading instructions. This means you can save up all your energy from being spent in the kitchen and maybe get some fresh post-iftar air with a light jog? Come to think of it; you can even head to the gym after iftar.

What’s more, air-fryers are super safe, so you don’t have to worry about the beloved younger men in your life ending up with burns or cuts. There is no hot oil to spill nor any sharp blades to get slashed by. Simply drop in your samosas or nuggets into the air-fryer basket and let the machine work its magic.

According to experts, an air-fryer conserves nutrients, helps with weight management, and even reduces the presence of acrylamide which is a detrimental chemical compound found in immense amounts when starchy items such as potatoes are fried at high temperatures.
Grab a Westpoint air-fryer from Savyour today and save tons from cashback offers while you’re at it.

Intermittent fasting or any healthy diet system, for that matter, requires a fair amount of liquids (mind you, not just Pepsi or Rooh-Afza for that quick sugar fix!) And, truth to be told, not all of us think grabbing a Green-O shake for iftar or sehri is a viable option.

Sometimes though, you might feel like fixing yourself a healthy shake for sehri to fight the unquenchable challenges the coming day will throw at you, or perhaps, you would like to ditch the artificial sweetener-laden sherbets and get some freshly squeezed juice. With Westpoint Kitchen Chef, you can ace your intermittent fasting routine, be it 14 hours or 16.

Now you don’t have to spend crucial hours from your eating window slogging to whip up more meals. All it takes is five minutes of your day and some fresh groceries through FreshSabz or GrocerApp on Savyour; add it to your Westpoint Kitchen Chef which you can order through JangoMall or Naheed also on Savyour, and get ready to have fresh juices and shakes that will satiate you like never before. So, for all those times when a quick, healthy and pocket-friendly juice is what your heart desires, get your Westpoint Kitchen Chef out and enjoy the convenience.

If you think that’s the end of it, we’ve got some more good news in store for you.

Savyour has a wide range of online stores, including FreshSabz where you can get your crispy greens and other wet groceries without any hassle. No more squandering your precious energy mid-roza, grabbing groceries from a rage infested market under the hot sun; now you can get back in bed, grab a book, get cozy and maybe, just maybe, also decide to order some groceries online. What more could you ask for with online stores like GrocerApp and FreshSabz available on Savyour, offering you all that you could need right at your fingertips. Talk about convenience!

This Ramadan, let’s add fitness and convenience to the menu with the wonders Savyour has to offer. Making the healthiest of meals can also be a trouble if, like the majority of Pakistani homemaker chefs, you too face the wrath of gas problems in your area. No more igniting your stove fifty-six million times a day just to check if you’re getting gas or not.

With induction cookers available on Savyour Westpoint, you whip up the meal of your choice regardless of whether you have gas or not. Doesn’t that sound like a dream? Pakoras that are ready with zero to little oil, fresh shakes, and juices available at the touch of a button, and full-fledged meals ready in no time with induction cookers, it seems like Westpoint has an answer to all your weight loss/or gas shortage dilemmas.

Ramadan, to be honest, comes with a fair number of challenges of voluntary restraint and self control, from the inevitable thirst in this heat to our rumbling stomachs. We are already playing a heavy mental game here, so it is only fair if we try to make the rest of the day as convenient and hassle-free as possible, to help us stay on top of our fast and not succumb to bouts of thirst induced road rage and the likes. Savyour, gets that. It smooths out those mundane dilemmas of everyday life, be it health, fitness, or convenience, so we can focus on our spirituality and on being the best versions of ourselves.

From wet grocery at FreshSabz to your kitchen utensils at Naheed, as well as appliances for cooking, Savyour has got it all. Hold on though; before you leave, imagine this with us: You’re out shopping with the missus, the cart seems to be getting heavier after every aisle, and you finally reach the highly awaited cash counter. At long last you can breathe without worrying how much more you will have to pay, the shopping expense engine has come to a grinding halt. However, the salesman at the counter has a pleasant surprise for you.

You are offered a certain percentage back on whatever you bought. Yes you read that right. While he does take some cash from you, the counter salesman is also handing some real cash back to you. Doesn’t that seem surreal? With Savyour, that dream can turn into a real-life experience. Shop from Savyour today to get cashback on all your purchases along with a myriad of shopping options. Cash gets deposited in your Savyour wallet and you can use it to shop later whenever you feel like it.

What’s more, you get all of that and so much more without actually having to head to any shop. Sounds like a dream come true with Savyour.