The run-up to Eid and the never-ending preparations continue throughout the month of Ramadan as families gear up for the big holiday. While giving and sharing is a rewarding exercise on its own, in the words of Tom Haverford and Donna from ‘Parks and Recreation’, don’t forget to “Treat yo’self” every now and then. This is where Savyour comes into play.

A platform dedicated to satisfying your retail therapy wishes and demands, be it for glitzy clothes, makeup, or extravagant skincare essentials, Savyour has you covered. After all, you’ve controlled yourself the whole month; this extravagance is well deserved. Imagine the times we have voluntarily curbed our desires in favor of someone else’s happiness, embodying the spirit of giving in Ramadan. Now it’s time for you to metaphorically kick off your shoes, sit back and relax while someone else takes over the job of pampering you. (You got that right! That someone is Savyour.)

Re-hydrating Skincare

Perhaps, you feel that your body’s lower hydration levels after an entire month of fasting have taken a toll on your skin. The horror when you find your face has lost its lustre and your neck does not feel as supple anymore. Dry scratches on your forearms? God Almighty!
If you can relate to these horrors, make sure you have Savyour on your phones and try out the cruelty-free skincare at Highfy. The minimalist skincare essentials go well in line with the teachings of this holy month (not hurting any living being), plus you get to rejuvenate yourself.

The Salon Dilemma Solved by Savyour

Believe it or not, women spend as much time waiting for their turns at a beauty salon right before Eid as men do at the barbers’. Makes you want to put on that neon yellow jacket n’ cap and charge them for waiting, eh? Double digit ROIs people! On a serious note, all of us can sense the agonizing tension inside the salons, the kind of tension that manifests itself when what was to be a 25-minute haircut appointment turns into a three-hour-long exercise in testing one’s patience. And to be honest, none of us have that kind of patience during the roza or even after iftar for that matter. We just want to stay horizontal, once we’re done stuffing ourselves; none of that vertical, lateral motion stuff please.

So, what then? Do you just give in and present your bedraggled self at dawats with split ends and frizzy hair come Eid? No Sir! Not on Savyour’s watch.With Bagallery on Savyour, you can shop your heart out from the comfort of your couch and conquer unruly hair like never before. From volumizing conditioners to hair tools, Bagallery has everything that your heart desires, or your hair requires. See what we did there? Have you downloaded Savyour yet?

Some Apparel Mathematics

Let’s show you some math here. Since Eid equals a total of three full days brimming with celebration, gatherings, laughter and (of course) food, may we remind you that this translates into a possibility of three lunches and three dinners. That’s six joras right there. And if you are the enviably disciplined breakfast meeting type, be ready with three morning ensembles as well. So here you have a contingency of nine separate events awaiting your eminent, distinguishably garbed presence. That’s nine unique looks, unless you want to suffer the wrath of the ‘Gram, reminding you of what you unrepentantly repeated last summer. *Shudders*

The choice is yours. And with top clothing brands like JOMO, SAYA and MOTIFZ operating on Savyour, your choices are limitless. Our opinion, ‘investing’ in yourself does not hurt. So, what are you wearing this Eid? Before you find yourself engulfed in a sea of titanic price tags and wave after wave of overzealous shoppers crashing into you, head over to Savyour for attire that will add a breath of fresh cashback to your digital wallet, while you upgrade your wardrobe! What could be better?

No More Sore Feet

Forget sore feet and achy calves this Eid. Say goodbye to Chand Raat shopping marathons. Well let’s dissect that to be clear. Say goodbye to the marathons and a very hearty kon’nichiwa to Chand Raat shopping. Savyour has done the running around for you. All you need to do is start browsing brands like Bata, Astore and Metro Shoes for the most stunning women’s footwear and accessories, including handbags, clutches, and sleek wallets. Indulge yourself to your heart’s content while you shop after iftar from the comfort of your homes through Savyour.

While it is true that all of this sounds like a dream, you would be pleased to know that Savyour has so much more in store for you. Read on to find out more.

Splurging? Not Really! Savyour Cashback Wishes You Eid Mubarak!

Eid shopping sure comes with certain perks; you get to try out a million beautiful outfits, your mom decides to order takeout because she’s too tired to cook and if you’re adventurous, you could have some deliciously hygienic chaat and pani puri by the roadside while your mom haggles with the sellers. Though the pros are enticing, the cons tend to overshadow them. The biggest con of them all? The towering price tags!

Feels like every time I step into a mall to shop, be it for clothes, makeup, accessories or toys for the little ones, I am charged PKR 5,000 just for breathing the air in the outlets. If you happen to be in the same boat, grab a seat and sit tight because this news is gonna blow your mind. The next time you shop for your kids’ favorites from Bacha Party, make sure you do it on Savyour and enjoy a hearty cashback on your purchase! Read that again.

Can you imagine the amount you would be able to save just by spending through this shopping-friendly platform? This year, you can grab your husband and drag him around the malls without feeling the inevitable guilt of spending his money, without actually having to do so. Imagine this; you can easily shop online with his card, sans those oh-so-familiar disapproving looks thrown your way. What’s more, you get the chance to show him that you can shop smart as well! Set free the shopaholic in you with Savyour cashback programs, unlimited variety of items to choose from and a comfort shopping experience you’ll never forget!