Karachi – The city of lights – is the most prominent coastal city in Pakistan. People in Karachi have lots of options to visit different beaches of the Arabian sea. Clifton beach in Karachi is one of the most popular and a refreshing place for the locals.

Clifton beach is also known as Sea View and is one of the busiest spots. Here you can see a large number of people at any time of the day. Some people visit this beach for fun activities, some to enjoy a cool breeze and the rest simply want to enjoy a walk alongside the coastal line.

Among the many things you can do to spend a quality time at the coastal line, following are the 7 activities you should engage yourself in:

1. Horse Riding

You can hire a horse ride and roam around the beautiful sandy beach with an amazing view of the ocean right beside you.
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Never ridden a horse? No problemo! Horses are available with guides, whereas you can also self-steer the horse if you know how to. The price of one ride usually varies between Rs. 100 – Rs. 200 only.

2. Camel Ride

If horse riding is not your thing, but you still desire a similar experience, try a Camel ride. There are hundreds of camels, and they’re all dressed in ethnic clothing. The price of one ride usually varies between Rs. 100 – Rs. 200 only.
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3. ATV/Buggy Ride

Not an animal person? Don’t worry, there’s still an option to get the party going with a speedy and muddy ATV Buggy rides. Once again, just for Rs. 100 – Rs. 200 only, you can drive around the coast and enjoy the beach.

4. Find a Jellyfish

Not satisfied yet? How about walking by the beach while enjoying some “Me” time and finding a jellyfish? Yes, that is very much possible. Give it a shot!
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5. Find something to eat

From coffee to chai, fries to bhutta, Ice cream to gol gappay, kulfi to limca – the Clifton beach offers everything to fulfill your hunger. And it doesn’t get any better than eating an ice-cream with the ocean right in front of you.
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6. Watching a beautiful sunset

Well, this is the moment you wouldn’t want to get out of. The sunset at Clifton beach in Karachi is breathtaking. This is the best part of Clifton beach, and the cherry on top, it’s absolutely free!
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