SavYour has undoubtedly become one of the fastest growing smartphone application in Pakistan. It offers a variety of Buy One Get One Free Deals and Discounts on various lifestyle brands.

Since the beginning, SavYour has been aiming for the stars and shooting them down!
After laying roots in the city of lights – Karachi, it is now expanding its operations in the heart of Pakistan – Lahore.

How can Zinda Dilane Lahore benefit from SavYour?

By bringing all the brands under one umbrella, SavYour aspires to create an exceptionally rewarding experience. The people of Pakistan can avail limitless deals and discounts at no cost what so ever!

SavYour provides 10,000+ deals and discounts from various premium brands. Industries like Food, Apparel, Footwear, Healthcare, Accessories, Fragrances, Entertainment, Home Based Businesses, Salons and Spas are all offering exclusive deals and discounts through SavYour.

And that’s not it, the cherry on top is that it is an absolutely free to use app. It is made specifically to increase the purchasing power of Pakistanis.

Anni Machado!

Entire Pakistan knows that there is no way you can beat Lahore when it comes to food. Therefore, SavYour brings nothing but the finest picks from Lahore’s food industry.

Among the many favorites, a few brands that top the chart are Lahore Broast, My Burger, Fri Chicks, New Yorker, Karachi Red Rock, Cock n Bull, Tandoor Restaurant, Karachi Hot n Spicy, Roamin, Grill Hut, 24 Wall Street, What a Paratha, and many more.

Besides the food industry, the residents of Lahore will also be able to purchase conveniently from premium apparel brands such as Yellow, Art & Dress Bespoke, Calidad, Children Place, Fais Couture, Kiddie Robe, The Shirt Bar, Zeri & Meri, followed by a variety of other premium brands that set the latest trends in the fashion industry.

Apart from food and fashion, SavYour has also curated the best deals and discounts on Healthcare, Entertainment, Footwear, Salons & Spas, so that Lahore without any further delay can begin to Live More.

All in all,

SavYour today is on the verge of breaking records of growth. Furthermore, it is also envisioning a platform for the people of Pakistan that is capable of revolutionizing lifestyles!

This savings application fills in as an ideal platform for the people of Pakistan who constantly are in search of pocket-friendly arrangements that could increase their purchasing power.

So what are you waiting for? Download SavYour Now aur Bachat de Bhangray pao!