Are you looking to upgrade your phone soon? 

Purchasing a brand new phone can be very exciting, but with every new purchase comes the responsibility of taking good care of it. 

There are multiple ways a mobile phone can be damaged – internally and externally.

Here’s an ultimate guide to the problems you might want to look out for and how you can protect your phone from them:

Protection from water

protect your phone from water

Did you know your phone can die completely due to an internal short circuit if water reaches the internal board?

Believe it or not, water can cause severe internal damage to your device including the speaker and screen.

To avoid such damages, consider using a waterproof case for your device as these allow you to use your phone easily while protecting it from short-term water damage.

If you are in a situation with a high chance of water seeping into the phone, such as at the beach or swimming pool, put your device in a zip lock bag. Also, try squeezing out as much air as possible which will make it still possible for you to use your phone. 

Protection from scratches

protect your phone from scratchesYour precious phone will start losing its resale value once it has become a victim of scratches.

Most of the time, the phone is kept inside the pocket or handbag along with keys and cards, yet we don’t realize how easily they can become prone to scratches due to the metal keys and several other items rubbing against them.

To avoid scratches, clean the phone regularly with a microfiber cloth to keep it scratch-free for longer.

You can also consider using a good screen protector and shockproof phone cases which can be easily found in electronics stores like – AllMyTech or Daraz. And if you shop through Savyour, Pakistan’s first savings platform, you will also get cashback for each purchase!

Protection from dust

protect your phone from dustIt is entirely natural for dust and dirt to get into our phones.

We always have the phone in our hands which makes it easy for dirt to seep through between tiny gaps inside the circuit.

To prevent dust, use a phone case that will cover your speakers and all the open ports leaving little to no room for dust to get in.

Protection from kids

protect your phone from kidsIn present times, it is very common for parents to keep their children occupied with phones. If you are one of those people, then be sure to child-proof your device as soon as possible. 

Why? Because kids are big explorers and they love to click on random buttons out of curiosity.

Before they click on something they aren’t supposed to or install unnecessary applications onto your phone, it is important to install parental controls and lock your phone to a limited number of apps. 

Protection from heat

protect your phone from heatThere is a high chance of your phone battery dying due to overheating, especially on a hot day or under direct sunlight. 

Constant usage of your phone can also result in overheating. So, always remember to store your phone in a cool place.

If you’re out under the sun, do not leave your phone in your pocket. That is too hot for your phone! 

If you sense any sign of overheating, turn off your phone immediately and wait for it to cool down before turning it back on. To cool it off, you can also hold your phone in front of a fan. 


By using waterproof phone cases, screen protectors, good quality phone covers, child-proof locks, and allowing your phone to cool down from now and then – you’ll be able to maintain your device for longer.

There you have it folks, 5 simple ways to protect your phone!