Shoes are perhaps the utmost essential gear to contemplate on while packing up for your vacation. A decent pair of women shoes while traveling, might not be the most exciting item in your luggage, nevertheless happy feet can make or devastate your day.

So, it is strongly advised that you put a greater emphasis when it comes to selecting shoes for traveling. Whenever you travel, you should have the freedom to go out on foot as much as possible. After some research, I have finally made it possible to list down some best travel shoes for women that are designed in breathable fabric, have arch support and are fashionable enough to look good in those photos!

Combine comfort with elegance with the following shoes for women.

1. Pair of Toms Sandals

Toms are the most comfortable shoes for women to carry during their traveling. The best thing about them is that they are made of cloth, so they are incredibly comfortable to walk with. It is a personal experience that they have never failed to keep my foot cushy, soft and relaxed during my traveling.

2. Plaka – Perfect Shoes For Vacations

Plakas are rope sort braided shoes for women that technically are flats. These shoes are certainly built for vacations as they are very comfortable in your feet even if worn throughout the day.

Begin your day by wearing these polyester rope flats that would grasp your feet in such a way that it not just remains comfy, but also looks exceptionally smart. You can run with these, walk in it, and do absolutely all the fun you wish to do during your vacation and I promise that they won’t create trouble for you.

3. Converse for Women

These are the coolest kicks you must have during your travel. Converse shoes are casual and good to go with most of your travel outfits. I know the importance of comfort during a trip and that is exactly why I recommend Converse as one of the best traveling shoes for women. With different designs and shapes available, Converse shoes are also available for men.

4. Moccasins Shoes for Women

I’m a huge fan of the Moccasins and I never stop collecting them in different designs and colors. These are super trendy loafer shoes for women which can be worn with both Eastern and Western clothing.

There are a variety of Moccasin shoe options available in and for almost all seasons. These are very soft mostly made leather shoes that mold flawlessly into your feet. If you are looking for comfort with style, Moccasins are perfect for it.

5. Wedges Style Shoes

Summer isn’t summer without styling and traveling in Wedges. Wedges are super comfy for long walks throughout the day and over tricky, stony routes that frequently trip up your stilettos. Select wedges instead of style with extra height and sexy summer feeling.