Buying and wearing makeup can really be a tough task for any beginner. And with plenty of options available nowadays, it can be a nightmare to choose the perfect makeup products. But luckily, you’ve got us!

We have put together an easy to follow list of makeup products that any beginner girl should have in her starter kit. These makeup products will cover all the basics and will help you explore the makeup world with ease.

1. A Super Makeup Bag

A makeup kit is incomplete without a cute makeup bag to put in all the products.

2. Moisturizer

Moisturizing your skin before beginning your makeup is mandatory. An oil-free moisturizer is a perfect buy for problematic skins and costs less than your favorite chocolates.

3. Foundation

Being a beginner, you should always choose a foundation that is breathable and easy to blend in. Always, always, and always test your foundation with your neck and jawline. You’ve got your shade if it blends flawlessly.

4. Blush, Blush!

Blush is a vital makeup product to brighten up your appearance and give you a healthy glow. A hint of color on your cheeks is the best finishing touch and can add a pretty rosy effect on your face. A peach blush works like a charm for all skin tones.

5. Lipstick

Find yourself a bold red lipstick to fit all your needs from day to night. When choosing the best lipsticks, a lip palette can be your best bet. The palette will give you the freedom to play with lots of colors. A subtle shade of lipstick should also be carried in your makeup kit as sometimes looking elegant is more important than looking bold.

6. Eyeliner + Kohl

A quality eyeliner doubles up as a kohl pencil. It is a perfect thin line to give your eyes an instant boost of energy. Your ideal pencil should be one that gets you through storm, rain, and tears; if you can get a little extra emotional at times.

7. Compact powder

A lightweight compact is perfect to set your foundation in place. If you have an oily skin, your makeup kit is incomplete without compact powder. You’ll certainly need it for regular touch-ups.

Compact Powder

8. Blending tool

Blending tools are a must in order to achieve a flawless finish. Keep in mind that the goal is to look like you’re not wearing makeup.

Blending Tool
Source: Ali Express

Invest in a good makeup sponge to blend your foundation, blush, and creams.

If you are a makeup enthusiast, it is wise to build a beauty regime for yourself that is inclusive of all that skin care that you need to fight off any adverse effects on your skin. You could always research and purchase all the best beauty & skincare products that suits your specific skin type 

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