Karachi has become a paradise for food lovers. Iconic for its tasty foods like Katakat, Biryani, and Haleem, the city has diversified its palate and has become more open to global food trends, like Rice Bowls, Shawarmas, and Ice Pops.

On the other hand, the local food scene has upped its game too. The rolls are have gone epic with saucy and meaty fillings. The simple old bun kebab has now become trendy with mayo inside and fries on the side.


But, the part of Karachi’s evolving food journey are the food festivals. Every event has its own unique flavor and fizz. The one I am writing about is really close to my heart: K.U Eat 2018.

What’s K.U Eat 2018?

Being the oldest university in the city, Karachi University is an peak of one’s student life. Here you get to experience a lot. My alma mater teaches all of its students to dream big, calculate risks, and execute projects. And, nothing can be bigger than hosting a food festival.

Therefore, the student council of Karachi University Business School has come up with its own unique summer bash to honor the love of food.

Spread over an area of 900 square meters, the event will bring together Karachi’s most exclusive tastes to the foodies of the KU.

How to enter K.U Eat?

To enter K.U Eat 2018, you would require a ticket that costs Rs.100. The tickets are currently on sale. To buy one, you can visit the KUBS Campus or check out the event page of Facebook.

K.U Eat Fest’18


Where is K.U Eat happening?

Since the event is getting organized by KUBS, you will have to visit the KUBS Ground near Maskan Gate. It is happening on April 24th and 25th.

What you can expect at K.U Eat 2018?

Delicious food! Icy-cold drinks! Garma-garm chai!

Writing about all of the participating 50 food brands and sponsors is a tedious task. Therefore, I have curated a list of interesting eats you can find during this two-day event.

Asian Bowl

You are missing out if you have not tasted the dishes from Asian Bowl. The Chinese food delivery service was a hit at the PSL 2018 final as everything got sold out. Expect the authentic taste of Oriental cuisine at their stall.

The Sauce Burger Cafe

True to its name, the burgers from The Sauce are simply delightful. These guys surely know how to please a hungry crowd. The reason of their success lies in the secret sauce they use.


The iconic BBQ eatery is bringing its specialty treats to the fest. I already hungry for their spicy rolls!


Made with high-quality ingredients, the soft-serve ice cream from Creamello is a must-have treat.

Pizza 363

This pizza parlor is fast becoming famous in Karachi due to its cheesy, meaty toppings.

Al-Arab Shawarma

In Karachi, no one rolls a better shawarma than Al-Arab. The pioneer Arabic fast food stand is making a special appearance at the K.U Eat 2018.

Ice Pop Co.

Since it’s getting really hot in Karachi, we all would love to eat something cool. Ice Pop Co. will bring the temperature down with its range of fruity and creamy popsicles.

Will SavYour be there?

Yes. SavYour is proud to be the Platinum Sponsor of K.U Eat 2018. Do visit our stall there to win a lot of cool stuff.

Will SavYour provide discounts?

Of course. Specially for this, we have collected exclusive discounts from our partners. This is why you should have the app in your phone. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, then do it now!