Is it possible to gain weight in one month? Yes, of course!

Gaining weight is as hard as losing it. Weight gain sounds easy for people who want to lose it and vice versa. Numerous people have skinny bodies, but they do not shy away from food.

Being underweight is a problem because it indicates weakness. To get you out of this issue, we’ve listed down some tips on how to gain weight in month:

1. Increase calorie intake

Calories are essential for gaining weight, but while consuming those calories you should make sure that you don’t consume a lot of them simply because it can lead to obesity. An average person should take about 1200-1500 calories a day which is easily attainable from fruits, yogurt, nuts, and cheese.


2. Nutritional drinks

Nutritional drinks contain plenty of protein, vitamins, and minerals that help in gaining weight. Not only drinks, you can also eat a whole source of protein such as red meat, chicken, eggs, fish, etc.


3. Exercise

Weightlifting plays a vital role in increasing weight. Exercising while consuming nutritional foods and calories is very beneficial. Exercise helps in developing muscles, and nutrition reaches your body easily. Involve yourself in a fair bit of cardio, flexibility and weightlifting workout each day.


4. Avoid junk foods

Your weight increases by eating junk food, but you get extra fat. You should entirely ignore junk food when trying to gain weight because it’s not healthy and adds bad fat and more sugar in your body.


5. Drink more water

Try drinking about half a gallon of water per day and even more if you can. Yes, it’s a lot of water, but it’s that water which you need for the energy when it comes to gaining weight. Drinking plenty of water keeps you away from dehydration which can lead to health problems such as lack of stamina.


6. Eat more

If you want to gain weight in one month, eat healthy and nutritional foods 4 times a day. Eating 4 times a day will also increase your metabolic rate. Try to eat food which contains minerals and protein for better results.


7. Get enough sleep

Get lots of sleep. This is one of the simplest yet one of the most neglected aspects of gaining weight. Get a minimum 8 hours of sleep each day. Having enough sleep can help food elements break down properly which will be transferred to different parts of the body, which ultimately helps in gaining weight.      


Gaining weight can be easy and challenging at the same time. It differs from person to person based on their eating habits. People having big meals can gain weight fast but the best way to put on some weight is to eat smart rather than eating a lot.