Savyour is Pakistan’s first and only lifestyle application/website that rewards customers with real money in the form of cashback for shopping via the app. Getting started is really simple. After you’ve downloaded the app, you will need to create a Savyour account.

How to Create Sayour Account

Here’s how you can create a Savyour account in 3 steps:

Step 1- Install & Open the Savyour App

How to Create Sayour Account

When you tap on the app you will be taken to a welcome menu. It will give you the option to either sign in with your Google account, Facebook account, or Apple ID.

Step 2- Give Permission

Install & Open the Savyour App

Once you have proceeded, you will be asked to give permission for your location so that you can see nearby deals and offers that brand have to offer. To move forward, tap on ‘Ok, I understand’.

Step 3- Explore your Profile

How to create Savyour account

You will be redirected to your homepage. On the top, you will find a welcome message along with a tutorial video that will help explain how to use Savyour and its features.

How to Delete Savyour Account

We do not want to see you go, however, with Savyour, you have the liberty of deleting your account whenever you want. You will be always welcomed to Savyour.

If you need help or are wondering how to delete your Savyour account, follow the instructions below:

Step 1 – Open the Savyour App

How to Delete Savyour Account

Open the Savyour app, and you will be taken to your home page.

At the top left corner of the home page, you will be able to see either a profile picture or an icon with an alphabet. Tap on the icon.

Once your profile page is visible, tap on the icon with three dots on the top right of your screen.

Once icon is clicked, select ‘About Us’.

Step 2 – Click on ‘Delete Account’

Right under the FAQs, you will be able to see the following text: “Do you want to delete your account?” with a Delete button.

How to Delete Savyour Account

Upon tapping a confirmation message will pop up, click on delete once again.

How to Delete Savyour Account

Your account will be deleted successfully.

Keep in mind that your cashback amount is safe with us, however, if you remain inactive for over 90-days, Rs.25 will be deducted from your wallet on a monthly basis as a standard processing fee until the wallet amount becomes Rs.0.

With over 300+ partner brands, Savyour offers customers to make the most of online & in-store shopping while being rewarded with real cashback. To learn more about the latest deals and discounts, stay tuned to