Do you remember the heat stroke in karachi from 2015? It was the most severe heat wave Karachi ever faced since 1979! With temperatures rising beyond expectations in Pakistan, more than 2,000 people lost their lives, mainly in Karachi, due to the unbearable heat. 

Once again, summer is here! And Karachiites are trying their level best to remain as cool as possible. Karachi has already surpassed 40 degrees, and the temperatures are likely to increase dramatically in the next few months.


With the shortage of water and an increase in load shedding, Karachiites will once again be experiencing a hot summer. Karachi would certainly not want to repeat the death toll. So what are the locals supposed to do to conquer the scorching sun?

To begin with, recognize, understand and accept the heat. There is no point in complaining! Pakistan is one of the very few countries that enjoys all 4 seasons in a year. Be grateful, but smart at the same time.

Heat strokes are no joke! And you should take all the necessary precautions to avoid it. The warning signs are alarming and here is how to tell whether you are suffering from heat exhaustion or a heat stroke.

There are numerous tried and tested measures that can be taken to avoid severe heat strokes. Ignorance in this regard is nothing but stupidity, so here are the best ways to prevent a heat stroke.

  • Avoid strenuous exercising as it raises your body’s temperature.
  • Avoid eating large meals. Instead, opt for small frequent meals.
  • Wear loose clothes allowing your body to regulate temperature with ease.
  • Don’t leave your children or pets in a parked car with the windows up.
  • Wear comfortable footwear as hot asphalt can damage your feet and raise your body’s temperature.
  • Avoid eating food that is high in protein as it results in an increased metabolic heat.
  • Run cold water on your wrist every now and then to help cool down your main blood vein.
  • Replace your usual moisturizers with a cooling Aloe Vera products.
  • Stay hydrated at all times by drinking as much water as possible. Also, restore your body’s salts with ORS or lemonades.
  • Take a shower and sit under the fan to encourage evaporation and cooling the body down.
  • Do not self-medicate.
  • In case of high fever, simulate cold water immersion by placing ice-packs on your neck, armpits, groin, and back.

Karachi’s Heatwave Management Plan 2018
(Source: Dawn News)

Assistant Commissioner Karachi Dr. Amber Mir ─ the focal person for heatwave management ─ says: “Learning from our experiences in the 2015 heat wave, in 2016 we came up with an all-encompassing and effective plan. And as a result of the government’s and the divisional administration’s efforts, no heatwave-related casualties were reported either that year or the following year. Since then, the plan had been fine-tuned further with input from stakeholders as well as experts.”

The Three-Tier Plan

This plan seeks to help and protect vulnerable communities in the city by alerting them about the rise in mercury and required precautions. It also entails setting up cooling stations for communities near their homes as well as ensuring that hospitals are fully equipped in case of an emergency. The plan for this year has been carefully developed and is based on guidance from various international experts, including those who drafted the Ahmedabad Heat Action Plan.

Source: Karachi Heatwave Management Plan: A Guide to Planning and Response

“The plan uses GIS mapping to identify city hotspots for us to set up first response centers (FRCs) in. These FRCs will provide immediate first aid treatment to vulnerable residents at their doorstep before sending critical patients to tertiary care response centers,” says Dr. Mir.

“We have a registry of volunteers who will be mobilized as soon as we need their support. We have various charities, non-governmental organizations, and hospitals on board to help us with ambulances, paramedics, and supplies” she adds.

“The roles of various government departments, including law enforcement agencies, has been chalked out so all of them can support us in implementing the plan,” the assistant commissioner added.

“The plan is quite meticulous and carefully thought out, and any other urban center anywhere in Pakistan can tweak and adapt it.”

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