Fusion of ingredients is appealing to gourmands. When it comes to food, the only dish that unites Karachiites together is none other than the Biryani. From Chicken, Beef, Mutton to Veg Biryani (Yes that’s a thing!), their love for biryani is not coming slow. Some like their biryanis with ketchup, some like it with mayonnaise, and at times, even Haleem. No Kidding! However, another interesting fusion that is loved by many is the Nalli Biryani.

Ghousia’s Nalli Biryani

Ghousia’s Nalli Biryani is bucking the trend in Karachi lately. Ghousia is a dhaba-like eatery located in Block 6, Liaquatabad that has recently caught the attention of Karachiites with their signature Nalli Biryani.

Nalli Biryani

The kick-off!

Ghousia from the densely populated area Liaquatabad, is a very famous spot for biryani lovers. Renowned for their Beef Biryani, they began to commercially offer the fusion of Nalli (Marrow) and Biryani in March 2018. Somebody tried it and posted a review on The Swot’s Guide – Pakistan’s largest online food forum, and it simply kicked off from there like wild-fire!

People from all over the city rushed to try out this unusual fusion, and Ghousia’s Nalli Biryani became the most trending topic over Social Media within the blink of an eye. Although they are located in a compact street with no appropriate seating arrangements for families, this unique eatery can be found jam-packed with people on any given day. Take a look!

The Taste

The locals of Karachi, from all corners of the city, went and tried out this gastronomic fusion. For many, it was divine whereas, many consider it as ‘overrated’. People began to share their experiences with a variety of good and bad reviews over Social Media. Here is a quick peek at it.

The final verdict?

Taste varies from palate to palate. Which is why you need to try it out for yourself and find out whether the hype is real or not. However, a poll was created on The Swots Guide to find out whether Ghousia’s Nalli Biryani was over-rated or not? The results are as follows.

When the majority voted it as over-rated, the rest of them countered by saying Haters Gonna Hate! They feel it is the best biryani available in K-Town. But how correct are they? Who can possibly be the judge of identifying the best biryani in Karachi? 

When it comes to biryani, everybody has their own liking. Ghousia’s Nalli Biryani is the perfect example of how opinions may differ from person to person. With a variety of Biryani vendors all over the city, whether home-based or operating commercially, it is next to impossible to crown any biryani as the best biryani in Karachi. But feel free to share your favorite biryani place in the comments section below.

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