Imagine you wake up one day and look yourself in the mirror to find a fat free perfect body with each muscle flawlessly in proportion. How soothing does that feel to you? But now, go on and take a look at yourself in the mirror and WHOOPS! All that imagination and satisfaction died in a glimpse? We feel you! We’ve been there and done that.

None of us are perfect but what if I share with you a secret ingredient of getting into shape in the easiest way? Want to take a look at the magical fitness guide today? Simply follow the below-mentioned fitness guide and allow yourself to overcome your fears.

1.  Action Plan

First thing first in this fitness guide, we are going to start off by making a complete action plan of how you wish to achieve your targets from time to time.

action plan

This is the most important step to stay on track and focused. So you will be rolling down every step with the planned period that you are going to accomplish.

2. Cleaning up the Diet

What we intake is what results externally. The foremost thing is to work on the kind of diet you have and clean it up. You need to start off slow but gradually switch your diet to complete healthy diet.

Cleaning the diet
At the start, learn what is your calories intake in total on a daily basis. Find out how much calories your body actually requires and then gradually start consuming accordingly.

3. Think of your favorite activity and then do it as much as you can

This fitness guide aims to make your fitness journey fun rather than a burden that stresses your brain.

favorite activity

Thus, pick your favorite activity whether it be cycling, weight lifting, yoga, jogging, walking or anything at all.

4. Find a new interest 

Have you ever tried dancing? Or have you ever considered joining a running club? Not yet?

dancing activity

Then consider it now. Think of a new activity that you haven’t tried before, but it seems interesting to you and add it up to your daily routine as part of the fitness guide. It can be something as simple as dancing or cycling.

5. Follow your favorite inspirational personality

Dwayne Johnson is a perfect inspiration. Ever researched about his diet plan, fitness guide and workout activities?


If not then start researching about it. And by that I mean whoever inspires you the most, start following them and set a goal to become like them. It is a great achievement even if we become half like our inspirational personalities.