Do Darya – Karachi’s iconic food street by the city’s coastline, finally faced the music. The favorite go-to place of many Karachiites, unfortunately, has been ordered to shut down by the DHA – Defence Housing Authority.

The following view is going to be truly missed!

Do darya

Do Darya today, is on the verge of closure to make room for commercial and residential high-rises. When the news broke out, the locals could not digest it and had only one question;

What Happened?

The restaurant owners received legal notices from DHA to wind up their eateries by the end of June 2018. The land had been leased out by DHA and they reportedly served notices to all the eateries since past two years. When the restaurant owners were asked to vacate the premises, the matter was taken to court in 2014 but no action had been taken – until now.

The restaurant owners claim that they filed a case in 2014 and managed to get a stay order from the local court. The stay order is still valid for the next two months, however, the iconic food street began to demolish on Monday, 23rd April 2018. 




As soon as the devastating news broke out, people began to spread the word with the hashtag #SaveDoDarya. Many residents of Karachi seem totally dejected by the idea of losing this beautiful 1.5 km long scenic food strip.


Do Darya has been serving an amazing fine dining experience by The Arabian Sea where the night couldn’t get any better under the shimmering moonlight. The beautiful atmosphere alongside cool breezes and scenic views has attracted not just the locals but many foreigners as well.

How are the restaurateurs taking it?

A decade ago, DHA Phase VIII was nothing but a barren piece of land. It was a hub for drugging and other crimes. However, the brave restaurateurs took the risk and decided to venture their restaurant outlets in an outdoor seating arrangement. The idea took off and there was no turning back!

According to the restaurateurs, they were provided that land with a lease of 5 years. Alongside assurance that it would be extended for the next 20-25 years in the near future. Keeping that in mind, the restaurateurs began to set up the place and bring value to it. During the weekends, Do Darya brings in thousands of customers from all over the city!

The Consequences

Without a doubt, this battle is not easy for the restaurateurs but they are still looking forward to winning the war. Which frankly, seems next to impossible. 

According to a reliable source, DHA has already taken over a number of establishments and placed their guards over there. Their vigilance vehicles can now be seen patrolling the vicinity. 

Do Darya food strip provided numerous employment opportunities, from cooks and waiters to valets and guards. Taking down the ultimate food street of Karachi will also risk more than 5,000 jobs.

All in all,

It is time for Karachiites to say bye-bye to the iconic food strip. With a great many investors behind the scenes, it is highly unlikely that the Do Darya food street can be saved. It would be better if the locals could digest this fact and move on with their lives. However, your opinions would be greatly appreciated in the comments section below.