More than hundreds and thousands of skin care products are manufactured on a daily basis. Yet only a few of them are consistent with their results and enters the list of best skin care products. Pakistanis have this psyche of rating local products as not appropriate enough, and instead, opt for branded or imported products.

Yes, it is true! I used to do the same until I researched and picked out these surprisingly ensuing products that, by all means, deserve to be on the list of best skin care products.

In my suggestion, sometimes certain local products turn out to be the best skin care products concerning their quality, quantity, and worth. Thanks to these amazing pocket-friendly skin care products that do not ask you to empty your bank accounts, following are all the best skin care products easily attainable in Pakistan that works like a charm.

1. Products by Saeed Ghani

If you, just like any other girl, is struggling to get a natural glow on your skin, just go for the Sandal Powder and Multani Mud Mask offered by Saeed Ghani.

Saeed Ghani
Source: Saeed Ghani

It’s an amazing product that is acknowledged by many and guess what? It won’t even cost you more than Rs. 200. Saeed Ghani has been in business for many years now, providing Pakistanis with the best skin care products.

2. Organic Secrets Sea Whisper Shampoo

Not amongst the most popular products, but what makes it come on the list of best skin care products? Because people who actually use it love it!

Organic Secrets Sea Whisper Shampoo

It is a natural sea salt shampoo, yes it is not to be used on a regular basis but thrice a month can even help cleanse your hair as it provides your hair with amazing volume and costs just Rs. 800 only.

3. Twin Cake Face Powder

The incredible Twin Cake Face powder by Etude is a savior for your skin. Although it is an imported product, we as locals have to keep this in mind that such international products are made for the people who belong in that region. Being a Karachiite, with a fairly darker complexion when compared to US / EU population, such products may not result as promised however, that does not mean that they will not provide results. Therefore, we need products that are personalized for our skin type. In that case, I assure you to try this local brand and its product. For just 650 rupees it will result in something that is unattainable by imported brands.

Twin Cake Face Powder
Source: Natasha Bhatt

4. Radiance Mask by Organic Secrets

Personally, I love this brand and all the products offered by them including their soaps, cream, shampoos etc. This product is a sea salt scrub that leaves your skin radiant and glowing. It’s my personal favorite and is on my list of best skin care products.

Radiance Mask by Organic Secrets
Source: Hub Salt

5. Fruit Therapy by Body Care Essentials

150 rupees is all it takes to enter the list of best skin care products. A fruit therapy having the scent and essences of different fruits leaving the skin of your face and body fresh and shining. And it has a soothing smell not to be missed!

Fruit Therapy by Body Care Essentials
Source: Dawn


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Important Tip

In order to look and feel your best you not only need to take good care of your skin but also your hygiene. I can not emphasize enough on this fact that you must have a good quality face wash that clears your skin and nourishes it.

More than that, it is important to use makeup  that goes well with your skin and looks best on you.   Other than that, having a decent perfume that instantly refreshes the room and grabs all the attention, makes you appear more attractive.  These beauty and personal care tips can elevate your personality and make you look more confident and approachable