Shoes so sexy, that they will bring along the girls! We all love wearing shoes and owning a super collection is even better. The more the merrier would be the approach to have a collection. We’ve listed down the best shoes for men that are trending in fashion space.

Shoe fetish aesi cheez hai which every man wants to indulge in. Price chahe jitni bhi ho, shoes find a way in every man’s collection for sure.

Sirf collection hona hi zarori nahi, men love to wear shoes that are in trends. Just like having the latest smartphone, men also have a habit of buying the latest shoes.

Encouraging men to be high on trends, we present you a list of best shoes for men that will sink you in style.

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1. Sneakers – Chucks

A bold, high top fast fashion spin to the sock sneaker – these excelling materials aren’t really a surprise. No one’s closet is entirely complete without a pair of Chucks.

Source: Pexels

These chucks are perfect for casual wear to show off your playful and fun side.

2. Sneaker – Yeezy Boost

If you’re a person who is more on the streetwear side of the fashion, you know how crucial the Yeezy Boost are.

Source: GQ

These are very comfortable sneakers and have a great unique design. Consider them as your usual running and walking shoes, with x100 looks.

3. Formal – Brown Longwings

Think of brown longwings as your workhorse shoe. These are perfect for everything from jeans to suits and are appropriate for both formal and casual occasions.

Source: Pexels

Grab yourself a pair of these shows as they’re in trend and easier to find.

4. The Driving School

Also known as a moccasin, the driving school favors comfort over traditional style. But they’re great dress shoes to have when an occasion calls for it. Designed to help men with driving, the practical piece of fashion is not only breathtaking and light but also an ideal dress shoe.

Source: GQ

Wear them for outdoor events with chinos and light shirts.

5. Loafers

Loafers are laceless shoes and often features moccasin style construction. These comfortable slip-on shoes are perfect for adding a stylish touch to your outfit.

Source: Shopify

Loafers can work with several looks, but they pair great with suits.