Boys and girls, and foodies of all ages! Gather around, it’s time for you to get familiar with the Best Restaurants in Karachi. The food industry of the city of lights has been booming over the past couple of years. Whether it be Western or Pan-Asian, Italian or Mexican, Arabic or Indian; Karachiites enjoy an array of delicacies to choose from and satisfy their hunger cravings.

Although tastes may vary from palate to palate, the following “Best Restaurants in Karachi” will make sure you enjoy a great time in Karachi.

  1. Kolachi

Whenever you are planning to dine out with friends or family, the #1 suggestion that pops up is Kolachi! Located at the Beach Avenue, DHA Phase 8 by the heartwarming view of “Do Darya”, this eatery offers great Pakistani cuisine alongside delicious Middle Eastern and Afghani dishes. This “Mecca of Tikka” is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Karachi. It never fails to immaculately host large gatherings and is certainly a must try!

Do darya restaurants

  1. BBQ Tonight

How can BBQ Tonight not be a part of the best restaurants in Karachi? After all, it is the “Pride of Karachi”. This eatery does justice to its name as it offers one of the most succulent BBQ in Karachi. Located at Block 5, Clifton in Karachi, this eatery operates several branches internationally as well. With a great ambiance and exceptional customer service, it offers one of the best roof-top dining experiences that will certainly allow you to leave the establishment with great memories.

BBQ Tonight

  1. Okra

Operating in Karachi for almost 2 decades, Okra offers delicious Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. One of the most expensive restaurants in the city, Okra will certainly make sure you enjoy your time over there. Their food and service are excellent, and their ambiance being a cherry on top, allows Okra to be recognized as one of the best restaurants in Karachi.


  1. Kababjees

Kababjees has been operating with 6 branches in Karachi so that the residents from all corners of the city can devour exquisite meals. From Continental to Chinese, you can without a doubt, taste nothing but excellence at Kababjees. With the warmth of exceptional customer service, it is a perfect place to rejoice with friends and family.


  1. Xander’s

Xander’s is one of the finest gourmet restaurants you can find in Karachi. Their minimalist but vibrant ambiance allowed them to create a massive fan base in Karachi. Well known for light snacks, having Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner at Xander’s will leave you wanting for more. Located at E-Street Block 4, Clifton that boasts a variety of other eateries as well, Xander’s will provide you with the best of modern day European cuisine in Karachi.


  1. Tavern Grill

When it comes to steakhouses, Tavern Grill is a favorite of many locals from Karachi. Their consistency in maintaining their food’s quality and the taste is truly commendable. Tavern Grill offers one of the juiciest beef steaks in Karachi and is a safe bet for steak lovers. Furthermore, SavYour offers an exclusive discount of 15% to make sure you enjoy your time at Tavern Grill.

Tavern Grill

  1. Café Aylanto

One of the eateries that are loved for its remarkable ambiance and exceptional food, Café Aylanto is located at Block 4, Clifton. Café Aylanto offers a wide range of delicious European and Mediterranean cuisine in Karachi and the locals are just not getting enough of it!

Cafe Aylanto

  1. Café Flo

One of the most treasured eateries is Café Flo. This bistro cum restaurant is Karachiites go-to place for incredible French cuisine. Located at Block 4, Clifton, Café Flo is well-known to persistently serve great quality of food. Their customers greatly applaud the ambiance of this eatery and state that it is undoubtedly a one of a kind restaurant in Karachi.   

Cafe Flo

  1. Sakura

If you are looking for the best Japanese food in Karachi, then Sakura is the place for you! Located inside the Pearl Continental Hotel on Ziauddin Ahmed Road, Sakura offers an elegant ambiance alongside the perfect sushis in Karachi.


  1. Café Koel

If you are in search of the best restaurant in Karachi for couples, well search no more! Café Koel is an outstanding eatery that is as beautiful as the name indicates. The architecture and landscaping of this restaurant are breathtaking. You and your partner will undoubtedly enjoy the magical aura this unique eatery has to offer.

Cafe Koel

To sum up,

The city of lights is home to multiple delicious cuisines. Western or Pan-Asian, Italian or Mexican, Arabic or Indian; Karachiites enjoy an array of delicacies to choose from and satisfy their hunger cravings. 

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