Your signature scent plays a major role in how people perceive you. The key to finding it is to understand the notes, and figure out what scents complement you the most, out of floral, citrus, fresh, oriental, woody, or fruity scents. Let us take you through the best perfumes in Pakistan available right now:

  1. Chance by Chanel
  2. Bloom by Gucci
  3. Sauvage by Dior
  4. Mr. Burberry by Burberry
  5. Essence by Dolce & Gabbana

Top 5 perfumes for men & women

1. Chance by Chanel

Chance by ChanelUndoubtedly, the top women fragrance that is adored by millions around the world. It’s a fragrance full of contrast like pink pepper, amber of patchouli, jasmine heightened with some floral and vanilla notes.

With its top note being musky patchouli, Chance is a fragrance that appeals to a more mature audience, with refined palettes when it comes to scents. It is also worth every rupee, as the whole world can attest to its alluring sense of whimsy.


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2. Bloom by Gucci

Bloom by GucciGucci Bloom is regarded as the best perfume in the world. It has a heavenly smell as that of a blooming garden. Encapsulated with top notes of orange, green notes while tuberose, jasmine sambac and honey being it’s middle notes.

Its notes are not as subtle as people would think, especially for a Gucci fragrance. However, the perfume leaves a lasting, warm impression, regardless of the time of day it is being used in. Don’t believe us? Buy now.


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3. Sauvage by Dior

Sauvage by DiorOne of the top perfumes for men in the world. Sauvage by Dior is a class apart with its warm sandalwood and sweet tonka bean notes that are beautifully brightened with the freshness of a spicy mandarin. It’s truly irresistible and one-of-a-kind!

The musky notes of sandalwood, combined with the subtlety of citrus scents, make this blend truly unique. Give it a whirl on a warm night, or try it on during long winter evenings, the effect of freshness and warmth is enduring.


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4. Mr. Burberry by Burberry

Mr. Burberry by BurberryOne of the most popular men’s perfumes. It is a woody aromatic fragrance with cardamon, tarragon, grapefruit, and mint as the top notes and cedar, birch, nutmeg, lavender as the base notes.

Burberry scents are now known throughout the world for their unique blend of top notes with more subtle mid-tones. This blend, in particular, is so deliciously aromatic that one is bound to take it in, even if it’s left in the air. The luscious lavender notes at the bottom are reminiscent of a warm winter afternoon, with sparkling notes of mint and cedar taking it home as the bottom notes.


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5. Essence by Dolce and Gabbana

Essence by Dolce and GabbanaA rich concentrated fragrance that combines bergamot and mandarin with peach and lychee as its top notes. Jasmine, madonna lily, and white flowers as its middle notes.

Dolce & Gabbana scents are known for being just the right amount of rich. With its thickly textured top notes seamlessly blending with middle notes, it is a scent that will appeal to a mature audience, who like to make a lasting impression as soon as they enter a room; a task well and truly attainable with Essence.


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Best Perfume for Men in Pakistan

1. Bottled by Hugo Boss

A forever favorite with very macsuline base notes like sandalwood and cedar blended with some fresh, woody and citrusy top notes. The perfect balance of floral and spicy!

2. Bleu De For Men by Chanel

Chanel is the pioneer of perfumes and fragrances. Bleu De is one of the most widely known scents in the world as it has a rather distinguish smell consisting of ginger, spicy nutmeg, cool mint accompanied by some floral hints including rich jasmine, patchouli and sandalwood.

3. Eros Flame by Versace

A perfume that encapsulates the richness of the vast Mediterranean Sea. A perfect blend with cooling mint, lemon and crisp green apple being the top notes followed by heart notes of geranium flowers and tonka bean.

4. Janan Gold by J.

The best men’s perfume in the local market. Luxury made affordable with J.’s Janan. A mesmerizing smell encapsulating Bergamot, White Floral mixed with slightly fruity and smoked oak moss. Definitely a must have!

5. My Bonanza by Bonanza Satrangi

Another killer fragrance from the local store, Bonanza Satrangi has outdone itself with their Reflection. A divine, masculine smell made with saffron, grapes and juniper berries at its top notes while raspberry and ventiver makes the base notes.

6. Free by Calvin Klein

A crisp clean fragrance made with top notes of cardamom, pineapple, bergamot and papaya encapsulated with an incredible floral middle note of jasmine, rose and violet.

7. Black Trump by Fogg

A strong masculine scent that is fresh, crisp and fruity. Very long lasting with a lasting power of upto 7 hours.

8. Wood Essence by Bvlgari

A pure woody smell that is truly irresistible. A combination of acorns, oaks, resins and wood barks as top notes mixed with some spicy notes.

9. Warrior by J.

A perfume that has taken the local fragrance market by storm because it is loved by all. A florentinal, fruity, musky scent that plum and peach as it’s top notes and sandalwood, musk and vanilla as the base notes.

10. Imperial Oud by J.

A fragrance ideal for an evening out as it is a sweet blend of warm and sweet notes. Made with rich notes like amber, vanilla, leather and labdanum makes it a favorite.

11. Uomo by Zara

An extremely aromatic spicy fragrance that comprises mandarin orange, pepper and lemon as the top notes and nutmeg, cardamom and cinnamon as middle notes.

12. Icon by Dunhil

A stellar scent with bergamot, neroli, black pepper, petitgrain being the top notes and smoky oud, mossy oak being the middle note.


Best Perfume for Women in Pakistan

1. Eternity by Calvin Klein

Eternity is a floral, romantic fragrance that’s inspired by lasting love and intimacy. It comprises notes from white lily, sage, patchouli, sandalwood, mandarine, freesia, and muguet.

2. Black Orchid by Tom Ford

An amber floral fragrance that has french jasmine, black truffle, black current and effervescent citrus as the top scents. A great evening scent!

3. Illicit by Jimmy Choo

A floral fragrance with ginger and bitter orange being its top notes. Jasmine sambac, orange blossom and rose as middle notes and honey, amber, caramel, sandalwood, vanilla and cashmere wood being its base notes. It’s a perfect everyday scent!

4. Janan by J.

The best perfume for women in the local market. A perfect floral, musky everyday scent with bergamot, mandarine, and wintergreen being its top notes and rose, pepper, jasmine being its heart notes.

5. Jadore by Dior

A perfume that needs no introduction as its loved by all! A beautiful, floral scent with its top notes being pear, melon, magnolia, bergamot. Jasmine, tuberose, freesia, plum, violet being its middle note and musk, vanilla, cedar being its base note.

6. Bombshell by Victoria’s Secret

The best-selling fragrance from Victoria’s Secret. Bombshell is loved by girls and women both all around the world because of its amazing fruity-floral scent. It’s curated with Brazilian purple passion fruit, vanilla orchid, and Italian pine as its top notes.

7. Prime by Edenrobe

An affordable, everyday scent that is perfect for someone who loves mellow fragrances. It has sweet orange as its top note, and rose, tonka bean and orange blossom as its heart note.

8. Zoya by Bonanza Satrangi

An exceptional daily scent by Bonanza Satrangi. A beautiful floral with rose, tuberose being its top note and woody, fruity being its heart notes.

9. Secret by Rasai

A scent loved and adored since forever. It smells heavenly like a bouquet of freshly cut jasmine, rose and lily. A perfect scent that can be worn from morning till evening.

10. Cool Water by Davidoff

A scent that provides the experience of a gothic romance. A scent made with wild flowers and fresh mineral water. A great everyday wear!

A signature scent is one that people come to associate with you, even when you’re not the one wearing it. Make sure to pick a good one, and leave a lasting impression with a scent that complements your unique style.

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Important Tip

If you want to be perceived as VIP, you not only need to have an enchanting fragrance but also you need to be careful about various things like your beauty and personal care. 

To have clear, healthy and attractive skin, you need to invest in a high quality face wash that cleanses your skin, you should have a skincare routine and lastly, your makeup should be on point. 

With these weapons in your arsenal, you will be ready to face the world.