Looking for a solution for this scorching heat? Tired of your old AC not working just when you need it the most?

Let us take you through some of the best Inverters AC in Pakistan

  1. Gree Inverter AC
  2. Changhong Ruba
  3. Kenwood Inverter AC
  4. Mitsubishi Inverter AC
  5. Panasonic Inverter AC

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1. Gree Inverter ACs

Gree Inverter AC

With solar hybrid technology, easy installation, and long-lasting life, Gree is arguably the best inverter AC brand in Pakistan. More than that, its inverter AC units have the best EER and SEER ratings, noiseless operations, and cooling that lasts even in seriously low temperatures.

Features: Faster Cooling And Heating, Dual Installation (Both sides option), Power Factor Correction Technology, Ultra High-Frequency Control, Integrated Design

Popular Model : PULAR series

The latest addition to the Gree inverter AC range is the new 1.5-ton PULAR Inverter. It has a sleek design and a capacity of 18000 BTU’s.

The elegant white color with matt finish looks classy and fabulous.

The WiFi technology allows you to control from anywhere.

In addition, the Auto Clean function is a must-have.


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2. Changhong Ruba

Changhong Ruba

Changhong Ruba is relatively new in the market but it has made quite a name for itself. All thanks to its outstanding inverter AC turbo cooling and heating technology, and other high-performing specifications. They have auto cleaning and anti-bacterial filters along with perfect energy efficiency.

Features: Auto restart, Energy saving up to 68%, Turbo Cooling and Heating

Popular Model : Changhong Ruba 1.5 Ton inverter AC SDH-18SW Pro

Changhong Ruba 1.5 Ton inverter AC SDH-18SW Pro is equipped with everything you would want in your inverter AC.

It is a DC inverter model with both heat & cool functionality., along with auto restart technology and energy saving up to 68%. The 100% copper connecting pipe makes it more secure. Lastly, it is a good choice for the room size of 160-220sq.ft.


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3. Kenwood Inverter AC

Kenwood Inverter AC

Kenwood inverter ACs are considered one of the best if not the best inverter AC in Pakistan. Equipped with innovative Esmart technology that helps save up to 75% energy, this inverter AC has 4D cooling power, elegant design, noiseless cooling, and a high EER rating. Everything you can expect from a great inverter AC.

Features: ECO Series 75% Saving, EER 3.6, 2 Year PCB Card Warranty, 5 Year Compressor & 1 Year Parts Warranty

Popular Model : KENWOOD 1.5 Ton Eco Plus Inverter

This unit is a perfect blend of advanced technology and modern design. It is equipped with a robust DC inverter compressor that comes with a 5 year warranty. Along with that, it has a heat & cool function with a long throw. It will keep you in comfort no matter the weather outside.


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4. Mitsubishi Inverter AC

Mitsubishi Inverter AC

Mitsubishi inverter air conditioners are excellent in energy efficiency, they are environment friendly with good EER rating and do a fine job with cooling and heating too. Other than that, Mitsubishi inverter AC is tough enough to deal with voltage fluctuation problems and save power up to 65 percent.

Features: 5 Years Compressor & 1 Year Parts Official Warranty, Highest Energy Efficiency in its class, Excellent Heat Transfer Capabilities

Popular Model : Heat & Cool 1.5 Ton (MSZ-HJ50VA)

It is quick and powerful. With the help of inverter compressor, it makes a hot room cool and a cool room warm in less time with more efficiency.

It also uses an Econo Cool function that regulates air directed to the body. It can raise ambient temperatures without causing discomfort. This results in up to 65% energy saving.


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5. Panasonic Inverter AC

Panasonic Inverter ACPanasonic inverter ACs are an excellent choice due to their durability, high performance and ability to change the compressor’s speed, leading to smart energy consumption while keeping the temperature maintained. Furthermore, Panasonic is one of the most trusted AC inverter dealers in Pakistan because of their EER and SEER ratings.

Features: Turbo Cooling, Micron Dust Filter, Fireproof Control Box, Heat and Cool Option, Shower Cooling Technology

Popular Model: Panasonic 1.5 Ton Inverter – CS-UE18WKF

Panasonic’s latest inverter Air Conditioner CS-UE18WKF has a T3 powerful compressor for extra cooling. Along with that, it also has both heat & cool function. The unit is also equipped with -15 – 60C working capacity along with shower cooling. In short, this unit is gives a good all round performance.


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6. Orient Smart AC

Orient’s inverter air conditioners are equipped with all the latest features to be the best inverter AC in Pakistan. They are unique, advanced, and can save energy up to 80%.

Features: Low Voltage Operation, Minimum carbon footprint, For All Weathers

Popular Model: Orient 18G Ultron Elegant Series

Orient 18G Ultron Elegant Series 1.5 Ton inverter technology not only provides effective cooling but also results in a significant amount of power saving. This inverter AC unit form Orient saves upto 80% electricity. It uses R410A refrigerant to ensure safety for the environment.


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7. Samsung Inverter AC

Everyone knows how innovative and outstanding Samsung is as an electronics brand, Samsung shows the same efficiency and innovation with its inverter air conditioners, with a silent cooling system and lots of useful features.

Features: Heat & Cool, 5 Year Warranty on Compressor, Wide design

Popular Model : Samsung 1 ton and 1.5 ton

The Samsung AR12JCFSDWK-SG comes in both 1 ton and 1.5 ton. It is an efficient unit that has lots of interesting features like fast cooling, error monitoring and low maintenance operation. It works great for a room of size 120 Square Feet and has a BTU 12000 per hour

A great Inverter AC can keep you comfortable throughout the year, regardless of how extreme weather conditions may be. Make sure to be aware of your requirements – features, size, weight and more – of the Inverter AC that most suits you, and you should be able to find the best fit for you.


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