Looking for the best new cakes and bakeries in Karachi? We review 2021’s finest

With Eid coming up, do you find yourself searching for the best cake fix for your sweet cravings? Well, we have just the thing for you. Savyour has the ultimate collection of the best cakes in Karachi, along with the sweetest discounts and cashbacks on top. Find your favorite delicacies with the most value for money, download Savyour now and browse through the tastiest, most delectably mouth-watering cakes and desserts. That being said, let us make it even easier for you and review some of the best cakes in Karachi.

1. Vintage + Vintage OTG

With various outlets across Karachi, Vintage has quickly climbed the ranks as one of the most beloved bakeries in Karachi. Offering a diverse range of cakes and savories, it is known for its unique flavor, freshness and reasonable prices for 1 pound, 2 pound and even 4 pound cakes.. And that’s not all, Vintage & Vintage OTG are available on Savyour with exclusive cashbacks and lots of discounts, so you can order online, sit back and tuck into the most delectable, luscious and creamy cakes while earning cashback.

Source: Vintage

2. Delizia

There seems to be a Delizia outlet in every major part of Karachi lately, which suits us just fine because their collection of cakes is nothing short of heavenly. With the smoothest textures, the richest creams and elegant cake designs, Delizia is a favorite for every Karachiite with a sweet tooth. It doesn’t hurt that its also very easy on the pocket for such good quality desserts, available in 2 pound and 4 pound sizes! Try it out at one of their many, many outlets and fall in love with chocolate all over again.

Source: Delizia

3. Hobnob

With its recent revamp, Hobnob has truly stepped up their game and has quickly become a beloved bakery for Karachiites. Each of its outlets is brightly lit, with scrumptious displays of cakes, savories, pastries, sandwiches and more. Its red-velvet collection has to be one of the most delicious tasting baked goods in town, and it does the most unique cake designs on order, available from 2 pounds to custom sizes, as per your needs. If you have a raging sweet tooth, make sure to give the best cakes in Karachi a well-deserved try.

Source: Hobnob

4. Del Frio

Del Frio makes the list of one of the best bakeries in Karachi due to the sheer size of its servings. Although a little pricey, Del Frio cakes, especially its variety of chocolate cakes, can only be described as other-worldly. Available from 2 pounds and more, the bakery has the richest and most luxurious cakes for Karachiites, and the most variety when it comes to chocolate flavors. It also offers warm desserts, brownies, teas and coffees to go with your cakes! A must-try.

Del Frio
Source: Del Frio

Honorary Mentions:

Halwa & Co.

Although a relatively new contender, Halwa & Co. has quickly become a local favorite and can easily be called one of the best desserts in Karachi. Offering the sweet, traditional taste of mithai and assorted savories, Halwa & Co. is beautifully branded, offers a colloquially warm experience and taste that simply cannot be faulted. The real cherry on top, though, is that Halwa & Co. is available on Savyour with a whopping 20% cashback offer! It’s a deal too sweet to be missed, trust us.

Halwa & Co Cake
Source: Halwa & Co.


It only takes one whiff of that warm, sugary smell of Cinnabon to make one fall in love with the bakery. Brimming with heavenly flavors, the softest buns and the most enticing toppings, Cinnabon can easily be counted among one of the best dessert places in Karachi. There’s no mistaking the classic taste and the warm smell of cinnamon when you bite into the tasty, succulent collection of cakes, buns, cupcakes and other treats. What’s more, you can find Cinnabon on Savyour & get cashbacks and discounts on your order! Get started here.

Source: Cinnabon

Crème Villa

If you’re a Karachiite, your search for ice-cream bars has come to an end! Crème Villa is a recent addition to the ice-creams and desserts palette for the city, offering a huge range of flavors and sizes of ice-cream tubs in very attractive designs. From basic flavors to some of the best fusions of tangy, sweet or crunchy ice-cream, Creme Villa has made a home in every sweetaholics list. And to sweeten the plot, you can earn cashbacks & free delivery from Creme Villa when you shop through Savyour! Click here to place your order now

Source: Crème Villa