Karachi walo, The Swots Guide has spoken! 

Have you been in search of the Best Burgers in Karachi? If so, then worry no more!

Pakistan’s largest online food forum asked and declared the favorite burger joints of Karachiites.  

The Swots Guide is a brilliant guide to the finer things in life. Swotties – the group members, actively participate and offer guidance with their food reviews and dine-in experiences on this forum.

That being said and without any further ado, here are the best burgers available in Karachi according to the connoisseurs of food.

The Best Burgers in Karachi 2018

When it comes to fast food, Karachiites enjoy devouring big burgers. The following poll from The Swots Guide, clearly states the best burgers in Karachi.

Oh My Grill

When it comes to best burgers in Karachi, Oh My Grill leads the chart with no problems at all! Their juicy Swiss Mushroom Melt burger alongside crispy, thick-cut fries, is an absolute delight whereas their Sliders – a pack of 4 delicious miniature beef burgers are also loved by many.

Best burgers in karachi

Moos N Clucks

Within a very short span of time, Moos n Clucks became very popular among the people who live pull ke us paar. Delicious burgers at pocket-friendly prices successfully allowed them to make room for themselves in the hearts of Karachiites.

 Moos n Clucks

Burger Lab

With the highest number of franchises among the top 5, they offer one of the best burger deals in Karachi. Burger Lab has been feeding hungry tummies with delicious beef and chicken burgers. Quadra – Their signature beef burger is a 4 patty scrumptious burger that is available at a whopping 15% discount with SavYour.



Stackers have recently opened its doors for the foodies of Karachi where you can devour scrumptious burgers at reasonable prices. Smokin Love – a burger made of grilled beef topped with cheese, tomatoes, crispy onion ring, lettuce & BBQ sauce, and PowerHouse – a burger made of a crispy chicken fillet topped with cheese, lettuce, fiery hot sauce and stackers sauce are a favorite of many. 

STackers Burger

The Sauce

The Sauce caught the attention of foodies with their best seller – Rebellion. A delicious burger made of Beef, Turkey Bacon, and Gouda Cheese. Their fusion of chicken and fries topped with your preferred sauce is one of the best things on their menu.

To sum up,

The city of lights is home to multiple delicious cuisines. Western or Pan-Asian, Italian or Mexican, Arabic or Indian; Karachiites enjoy an array of delicacies to choose from and satisfy their hunger cravings. 

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